Payment Gateway for Cryptocurrencies

White Paper

The Silicon Platform

The Silicon platform is looking to solve the distribution and payment processing on cryptocurrencies by creating a payment gateway that is secure and users can easily integrate to.

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Q4 2017

Product conception

Market research

Q1 2018

Prototype development

Website development

White paper

Setup marketing channels

Private funding

KYC whitelisting

Public token (NAD) sale

Q2 2018

Cloud development for brands

Wallet Ad integration

Smart Contract development for the platform

Offchain synchronization module for faster transactions

Q3 2018

Enhance cloud

SDK, JS and API integration modules

Q4 2018

Enhance cloud

Android and iOS integration modules

2019 and beyond

Keep upgrading and implementing features based on feedback and market needs

Our Core Team

Silicon is being developed by AllCode

Joel Garcia

Founder & AllCode CEO

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Lydia Benham

Operations Manager

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Michael Stein


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Nikhil Mohan


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Andres Jaramillo

Blockchain Senior Developer

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Mike Alvarez

Blockchain Senior Developer

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Edison Castrillon

Blockchain Senior Developer

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Hans Ospina

Senior Lead Developer

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Sabine Henderson

Product Management & Quality Assurance

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What is Silicon?

Silicon is a Payments Gateway Platform that will allow other tokens on the NEO blockchain (and later on, on other blockchains) to be used in traditional ways. It will allow users and business to integrate the tokens to their service needs by integrating with their platforms in an easily and secure way providing the ability to pay with tokens.

How is Silicon better than other payment gateways?

The Silicon platform will be the first payment gateway on the NEO blockchain and will be the first to allow payments using the standard NEP5 tokens. Plus, by residing on the neo blockchain, it can also do over 10000 transactions per second, is quantum proof and the development is easier since the blockchain supports multiple languages.

How will token (SIL) holders benefit?

The total supply for Silicon tokens will be issued during the platform funding phase. No more tokens will be generated and public available tokens that are not sold will be burnt. SIL tokens will be the ones used on the whole platform flow and will be needed to pay for the transactions.

How are you going to fund the platform?

We are planing to run on a break even basis. This means, as the platform grows, costs will only increase to cover our expenses for running the platform. We'll retain a percentage of the silicon paid on each transaction to run the business and the rest will be distributed back to SIL holders.

Are you capable of building the product?

We have over 30 engineers in our team with lead developers with over 15 years of experience. We adapted the neon wallet to support Nep5 tokens for other ICO before it was done officially. We reimplemented an offchain synchronization mechanism for NEO to reduce the system requirements, use multithreads and change the storage mechanism from files to NoSql database for faster performance.

Where is Allcode located?

Allcode is located in San Francisco, at the heart of Silicon Valley.

You can also write us an email to